About Bikers Safety Initiative


The motorcycle community has witnessed a high rate of mishaps and accidents in recent times. Reasons attributed for this include reckless riding patterns, unfriendly and untrained drivers and unruly pedestrians to mention a few.

The Bikers Safety Initiative (BSI) was conceived by a group of motorcyclists to create a safe ecosystem for all motorcyclists. This initiative will promote a good image of motorcyclists to the public; educate all classes of road users on the effects of their actions on the road and improve riding conditions for motorcyclists.


Our Visions


Our mission is to promote safety within the biking community through safety awareness programs.

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The BSi is a voluntary organisation which rely on contribution from members and donation from people with shared interest to achieve her cause. If you will like to support our vision of ensuring a safe ecosystem for all road users, please donate to our cause by clicking on the donate button below.