Featured Campaigns

Nationwide Bikers' Safety Campaign

Since the inception of the BSi, We have coordinated a number of digital campaigns and physical safety campaigns in partnership with the two superbike governing bodies in Nigeria (Bikers In Nigeri – BIN and the Superbike Club Association of Nigeria – SCAN)

Under The Helmet Campaign

The #UnderTheHelmet campaign was a digital (social media) campaign targeted at non-bikers.The goal was to communicate to them to look out for bikers on the highway bearing in mind that they are humans with families that look up to them and a job like every other road user.

Share The Road Campaign

The #ShareTheRoad campaign was a physical campaign.

It occured simultaneously in various states in the country; bikers took to the streets with flyers, stickers and various souvenirs to educate road users on the importances of…

Look Twice Campaign

The #LookTwice campaign was a digital and physical campaign.

The digital aspect had pictures of bikers with comments what they do to remain visibile to other road users and the highway circulated on the web and the physical campaign help in various states of the country…

Responsible Rider Campaign

The #ResponsibleRider campaign was a digital (social media) campaign to encourage all bikers / motorcyclist to practice safe riding habits.