Do not rely on your gear!

If you tell yourself that you are fully protected based on that very highly rated riding gear you have on and so excessive speeding is a way of life….U ARE OVERRATING yourself.

Riding gears are to protect you from injury at reasonable speeds. Speeds outside of the usual common sense zone (speed limit per road) aren’t covered by your gear anymore.

A car would disintegrate upon impact at 180kmph and the survival of the occupants is usually at about 4-5%. Any part of your body that hits anything at 180kmph will be badly damaged no matter what gear you are wearing. An impact that can break a car engine would not have any difficulty breaking bones.

Prevention is the best protection you can have. Keep your speed within the common sense zone.

Busayo Kuti, @busayokuti
Trainer, Prowheels Motorcycle School.

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