Most of us are guilty of thinking we are super humans. There isn’t anyone that can’t fall asleep while riding a bike. Especially if riding at a reasonable constant speed under fatigue. We try to advise organisers of biking events to try to keep the evening before departure free of activities.

Then, of course, the insomnia issue also…West African Bikers Converge in Akure in 2016, I didn’t sleep much in the night no thanks to the energy drink I had earlier in the evening. Woke up early and tired, told the guys I was riding with that I didn’t get much sleep but that I was ok, took a cup of coffee and I assumed I was ok.

As we fueled in Akure, the fuel attendant didn’t stop the pump on time so she spilled fuel all over my bike. At this point, I was so sure I wasn’t concentrating. We started riding, my brain couldn’t process more than 90kmph. I was exhausted. I told my guys to go so I don’t slow them down but they refused. When we got to Mobil in Ibadan, I just took off my jacket, then helmet and slept on the grass for 40mins. After which I felt so much better.

Lessons learnt:
1. I didn’t have to ride since I was feeling tired.

2. Always let people in your riding group know your state of mind.

3. Get down from your bike when fuelling.

4. If fatigue finally sets in pull over and take a break/nap. Might be the only reason you ever see your family again.

Busayo Kuti,
Trainer, Prowheels Motorcycle School.

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