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Riding in Nigeria

I am sure you know that riding in Nigeria in an extreme sport. Unlike some other countries where you can close your eyes and ride from point A to B. Here, you cannot dare.

If you will be riding in Naija, make sure you look out for

  1. Bad roads: We have to be sincere with ourselves, we have more bad roads than good roads in this part of the world. Look out for the potholes; those ones that have been there since inception and the ones that will appear the next time you ride. Also, don’t forget the unevenly graded roads.
  2. Keke (tricycle), Okada (public motorcycle) and dispatch riders: These people are always in a haste. They also feel they can pass through any opening, so they enter without checking their mirrors (most of them don’t have mirrors) or indicating. Watch out for them when they are close by.
  3. Danfos (Public buses) and Taxis: These ones can decide to pick or drop passengers anywhere. Most of them do not have side/ rear mirrors or indicator light and rarely use them when they do. Whenever you see them, keep a safe distance and do not tailgate them.
  4. Pedestrians: These are the owners of the road. Most do not regard oncoming vehicles and decide to cross the highways whenever they feel their speed can take them to the other side of the road, even when there is a pedestrian bridge. Whenever you see them ahead, make sure they see you too… Slow down in a crowded area.
  5. Large vehicles (Trucks, Lorries, etc.): See these ones, just give them space. Their blind spots are more than what we learned in a riding school.

    Whenever you see them, give them a lot of space. If you have to overtake them at a close range, make sure they know you are there. It is safer to get the driver’s nod (from experience) before you proceed.
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