Speed! How fast can you go?

Some words for us to think about this morning.
What is speed?
How fast can we go?
How fast should we do?
How much adrenaline is driven by the increase in speed?

Here are some facts we hardly consider when we twist our throttle harder.
At 250km/h, do you know that you are moving at 70m/s? You blink at 0.4s. So every time you blink at that speed u lose sight of 17.5meters. That’s the length of 11 average human beings or length of 6 salon cars. That is alot to lose sight of.
Even at 180km/h, you are covering 50m/s and that is half the length of a football field every second.
No matter how good your brakes are, you need the length of 2 football fields to stop from 250km/h and just a little less at 180km/h.
Ride Safe all day every day.

Busayo Kuti, @busayokuti
Trainer, Prowheels Motorcycle School.

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