The 3rd Element

Braking; the ability of a moving automobile to slow down or come to a halt.

On a motorcycle, Braking is the 3RD ELEMENT for staying ALIVE and unhurt. If your braking (skill and equipment) is good, The less the issues you will have when other road users do the wrong thing.

How well can u apply your brakes on a motorcycle?
What’s your knowledge of proper Braking?
❗ Do you know you can slow down and almost stop without the brakes?
❗ Do u know that clutching down comes last during braking, not 1st?
❗ Do u know that using only the front brakes makes the back wheel of the bike lift off from the floor and using only the rear brakes makes u lose traction and u start skidding(fishtail) when applied really hard?
❗Do u know that applying both front and rear brakes gives u the maximum grip u need.

❗Do u know that brake failure has nothing to do with your Village People?
That it was just negligence on the riders’ part as regards his braking equipment.

Busayo Kuti, @busayokuti
Trainer, Prowheels Motorcycle School.

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